K1 Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Lodo Wellness Center, Denver has a K1 that blew my mind.”

  • “Heavy scent before breaking it up. Upon grinding a wonderful slight chemical smell and a very strong sage smell. This strain has a distinct cedar scent. Will definitely review again due to this being the first experience with it. Creative juices flow almost immediately, wanting to write a full report now. Must hold myself back.”

  • “Nice trichs...smells great and burns great...taste is ok..great for rolling and as pre run it gives a good return”

  • “Good for a one hitter quitter, makes the brain tingle. Smokes very quickly, effects aren't what I thought they would be. Would be good for a cheap grade (even though it's not) and wouldn't mind smoking it again, but won't buy it.”

  • “Got this in shatter form. Very smooth smoke and buzz that gives you a type of a body and heady high combo. New one for me and I'm enjoying it”

  • “I think this may have been a kush heavy phenotype of this strain. Not bad but more stoney and less clear minded than I personally prefer. Definitely happy buzz, just a bit sparkling for work.”

  • “good for smoking before activities or parties. after the happy, tingly high wares off, you're left very relaxed. makes for a great night of sleep.”

  • “AMAZING!!! Local co-op grower did himself proud. Lengthy high, good for daytime events, hanging or, or just watching a movie. I use it for migraines, and my husband has severe back pain. We both love K-1.”