Kalashnikova Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “very strong, very aroused. very pleasant hi. hi yield.”

  • “(AK-47 x White Widow, Female) This an absolutely wonderful strain with pungent terpenes that create a wonderful piney and somewhat spicy aroma. Another one of my favorites from greenhouse seeds.”

  • “AMAZING high. Left me with the MUNCHIES though. Makes you buy all you can find at 7-eleven and eat it.”

  • “Kalashnikova is mind-blowing. It smells sweet, almost honey-like, and piney and tastes fruity, herbal, and earthy. I noticed that the indica effects hit me fast and hard while the sativa effects creeped in slowly and settled in as the indica high faded, making for a very robust yet chilled out high. I can see this being great for parties and other social settings or to get small errands done.”

  • “wicked cotton mouth. make sure to grab the water bottle before making it to the couch. Great head high. Fast acting. I usually just dig Sativas but I really like this strain, too. I suggest it for sure. Super relaxing, put me in a great mood. Made my eyes red as the devil's dick though!! ENJOY!”

  • “Great strain. Wicked cotton mouth. Can give a little headache at the end of the day, nothing crazy though. Really uplifting without being too couch locking. Thumbs up!”

  • “very strong”

  • “This strain is a weird one, can give you a major headache or give you the biggest buzz. Drink lots of water with it, as it will give you dry mouth. The smells is soooo candy and sweet. The citrus mixed with some spice and touch of melon/honey is a must have! very dark with those crazy ak47 orange hairs and you will notice the White Widow taste, just a little! It is almost like a knock off brand of White Russian.”