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Key Lime Pie Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Hello, this is your captain of the GSC Alternative speaking. Before we begin, may I ask that you please refrain from driving, operating heavy machinery, and calling your mother while under the influence of this strain. Seriously, it's got a powerful kick, and you'll forget why you called your mom. *COMMENCE INHALATION NOW* Alright, here we go ladies and gentleman. On our way up, you'll notice you're head get slightly...”

  • “Oh, ye mortals in pain, inhale this lovely strain, thine pain shall fall away replaced with luminescent day”

  • “I've found weed nirvana. It took me less than five minutes to be completely blazed from two hits from my pipe. Immediately, I felt as if I could do no wrong, the world was mine for the taking. The immediate head buzz slowly worked it's way down to the rest of my body. A walk in nature was enhanced by the trance I was in. When I thought I needed a third hit about an hour later, it was almost too much, no need to g...”

  • “🔑👽 This weed is so good, I almost wanted to ghost it. The flavor alone was enough for me to hold in the smooth smoke and ponder its perplexity. Key Lime Pie is a delicious hybrid with such unique characteristics. It's nice and relaxing but it will not put you to sleep. I like this any time of day. The flavors consists of lime rind, peppermint, earthy spices and a sweet, baked freshness. I can't get over how good th...”

  • “I'm such a sativa girl, so some hybrids hit me like an indica. Key Lime Pie is one of them. After a hectic day, a little KLP is a nice way to unwind. It settles on me like a heavy blanket, taking away some pain symptoms as it calms.”

  • “Likes: I absolutely love the aroma. very pine like with an underlying scent that hints of lime. It's very distinct in flavor also. It tastes like no citrus flower ive ever had. Dislikes: My only issue with key lime pie is that it does exactly what it is supposed to as a heavy Indica. After one joint I felt very relaxed, yet somewhat lazy and fatigued. For me, personally, this is too heavy an Indica for me to functi...”

  • “Have tried this product both as preroll and as a vaporizer cartridge (from Humbolt Farms) to beat back the stress from spending my days around tech bros and their ridiculous amazement at their own selves. The vaporizer cartridge, used judiciously, can help erode the ever-present impulse to sock an overly-entitled tech bro in his baby-bearded face. The preroll, use injudiciously, can literally make you forget those...”

  • “Very dense bud. I'm newish to smoking. I'm just switching over from edibles. This was an amazing smoke. Very pleasant flavor with no pine aftertaste that many leave me with. Happy, giggly and horny (and I don't get horny!). Works well on the pain in my feet from neuropathy and eased my nausea. Major plus was no munchies and only a little bit of dry mouth and eyes. My new favorite!”