Khola Reviews

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  • “A real joy to smoke, thick yet smooth on the exhale. For the first 20 minutes after a fat joint you feel a big energetic buzz start to kick in, quite euphoric, and you really feel like you want to do something. At this moment you just feel reaal good. After the big head buzz - severe munchies followed by endless giggling. Had a great time after smoking this, just hanging out with friends eating, watching movies or ju...”

  • “My friends and I bought a half ounce of this together and we smoked all of it in less than a week. It had us feeling very euphoric and giggly, we laughed at nothing for 15 minutes straight. After recovering from our stomach cramps from laughing so hard, we had the munchies and ate everything in sight. We didn't know the name of it, but we narrowed down the symptoms on here and compared our pictures to the pictures we...”

  • “Amazing feeling in my chest. I watched nobody's perfect by hannah montana and laughed a shit ton.”