Kid N' Kookies Reviews

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Below Average
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  • “Had very high hopes before smoking KidNKookies due to the fact that i am a big fan of kidnplay and the house party movies, and it did not disappoint! My cousin brought some to the inland empire from up north after 4/20 and it had us on cloud 9. Very smooth to the lungs and heavy yet happy high. I suffer from anxiety and 3 knee surgeries so it takes a heavy indica to relieve my pain and this was perfect for me. Cant w...”

  • “Strong OG and Cookie taste found in original GSC. Has a high thc rating and gives an incredible body high.”

  • “So blessed in cental cali to partake in a culture where the finest herb in world is found.. Kid n kookies made by loudseed in fresno ca. Had no idea they were in my backyard.I have had best from northern Humboldt so santa cruz to venice beach in so cal. This strain is so medicating. Breath taking nose on it..Its like when ur in bed with a woman and she lifts her butt to let u take off the panties and u know ur gettin...”

  • “This just didn't work for me, it induced massive paranoia. My experience was like that weird dream where Godzilla is chasing you but your legs just wont move. I suppose some people like that, but it just isn't for me. If the house catches on fire, I really would like to be able to escape... It did stop some of my head pain, but the cost was just too much in terms of inducing paranoid fear and stress.”

  • “Can't feel my legs. Strong strong strong.”

  • “KidNKookies is a great stoney GSC! Flower is frosty and has a hint of purple, slow burn and great taste with a long lasting high this becoming one of my favorite strains.”