Killer Grape Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “felt like smokin a big bag of grapes. super dry mouth, very hungry right after!!!”

  • “I totally love this strain in the pharmabee brand pen called killer purple its amazing for pain and menstrual cycle discomfort.”

  • “Me and my wife underestimated this strain!!! It will creep up on you! The effects were pretty calming and relexing with a burst of happiness and smiles 😁”

  • “Really clean buzz, hardcore dry mouth, uplifting.I'm pretty much an Indica guy.This bud picked me up, slapped me around and placed me in the couch.Why not a 5? 5 should be kept to an extremely high standard , perfection.”

  • “Felt like i was smokin a big bag if grapes. Super dry mouth, along with the munchies and i dont get the munchies”

  • “got it for a good deal. $6 a gram because this batch had seeds. idk what it goes for regularly. the seeds were easy to pick out. the flavor was good. it was a pretty good high. Mello but not sleepy. good daytime bud. I would get it again.”

  • “Great strain ,like all tga much sticky crystals on the bud and fan leaves to...(just cwrazy)very sweet for hasj making ...for sure.... good luck and love to all🖒”

  • “Smells like an early red wine,but with sweet hints.”