Killer Queen Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Killer Queen hits your head, forehead and eyes very hard. Your arms and body will likely pulse with a euphoric rush. Increased auditory focus. Able to write and follow thought patterns/instructions physically – mind and body are still connected. The soothing cerebral effects give way to heavy eyelids and a slight draining feeling towards the end. This is a moderate come down.”

  • “I REALLY like this strain! It's a very heady, Sativa dominant hybrid and you can REALLY feel the sativa! Almost as soon as you toke you feel a great tingly sensation in your face and back! It helps my ADD tremendously! Great daytime toke! Gives me a ton of energy! One of my new favorites!”

  • “5 STARS right off the top! I took this due to the G13 blood line; a strain I have always loved. Under the scope it's a sugar coated affair, tricomes everywhere which means your grinder will be rewarding you with lovely SWEET kief. My 1/8 was one big flower and sticky as well. This ground down to a nice sugary green fluff like a rough raw kief, just what I love! Looking at this under the scope it was like looking at g...”

  • “This strain is truly a work of art. A Northwest favorite know mostly around Oregon from Jasper Hill Farms. One of the best smelling, best tasting strains EVER! With tons of medicinal benefit. An absolute must try.”

  • “Good dense bud. I can go to class after smoking killer queen, it's a good weed to smoke when you have to do shit. It's potent too, tastes beautiful. Only negative is dry mouth.”

  • “I purchased this strain at Pure Green in Portland, OR. I love this strain. The buds were super dense, crystallized like crazy and nice and sticky when you crack open a bud. The smell is one you'll never forget. Fruity and floral all mixed together. The taste is awesome as well. I believe it was lab tested around 18-20 THC. I can't remember for sure. I think you'll be happy with this wonderful strain.”

  • “Made my upper body almost completely numb after 4 Bong hits and really relaxes the shoulders and neck. Great cerebral high, Euphoria kicks in after a few mins pass. I'd hit again ;)”

  • “☀️️ • highly recommend! • ☀️️ I'm smoking a T 18% indica-dominant hybrid flower from Theraplant in CT, & the buds are a lovely rainbow of colors (as seen in purple+orange buds in my uploaded pic), with perfect density|fluff & it smokes like a dream-killer queen! ;) Easy on my asthma, triggers almost-no cough @ all, and a good terp profile ensures it's fruitily delicious! Awesome cerebral rush of euphoria w/each overs...”