Kimbo Kush Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “So this strain not only smells amazing, it is completely exceptional. By far the most powerful I have had so far yet since getting my MMJ card, I was having such an intense focus and head rush followed by extreme giggling and relaxation. This strain takes about 3 minutes to hit you like a train, and will drive you sky high all while making your head feel like a bowling ball. I recommend this strain to anybody that's ...”

  • “Very good high, describable only as chilled to the bone. The good kind of mental chilling, leaves you super functional if you choose to be. The buds are a delicious earthy green flavor, slightly sweet and mostly pungent. Actual buds are nice and fluffy, sorta sticky and green.”

  • “Exotic Genetix knocked the hell out of the competition with these beans! The genetics of these seeds are top quality, every grower that I know of that has grown and harvested Kimbo Kush has had some top notch marijuana with a high THC level. I personally like the Kimbo grown by Freak UV Nature gardens which mmj patients can pick up at Cannabis Club Collective in Tacoma. This strain is legendary like its namesake. Use...”

  • “I have really bad thoracic back pain & after a few puffs of Kimbo Kush my pain melted away. My body was totally relaxed. The body high buzzed on and soon after the head high rolled in. Awesome strain... great for pain, great for anxiety.”

  • “Another excellent kush! These buds were super frosty and shimmered off the darker green nugs. There are spots of purple throughout the buds. The smell is very light. Just smells like clean fresh marijuana really. The smoke goes down smooth with a little cough after exhale. Great smoke for sessions say... before your going out to meet people? It's a very mellow low key kinda high feeling. I know I smoked enough to be ...”

  • “Absolutely beautiful buds! Relaxing body high, yet keeps brain engaged.”

  • “I've tried Kimbo from a couple of sources, and when done well, this strain is awesome. Clear headed, relaxed, and uplifted. A great choice for a morning off...relieved anxiety without making me feel sleepy...but also a solid choice for nighttime if you're looking to relax and maybe play with a creative project or two. Love how this indica dominant leaves my mind clear and calmed at the same time. Thank you Kimbo ...”

  • “Snagged some Kimbo Slice concentrate from Slaughter Genetics. This stuff is pretty sweet tasting, I get the blackberry genetics flavor the most. It does a superb job at relaxing me for a good couple hours, clearly indica dominant but isn't putting me to sleep. This strain really makes a great concentrate, I'd love to try the herb. 9/10”