King Kong Reviews

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  • “I got a strain called just Kong from local dispensary and wow it was a fantastic body high. I vaporized a nice bowl after waking up in the middle of the night and struggling to fall back asleep. It gave me such a warm relaxed sense of well-being and I fell into a timeless time-warp state after that. Very nice strain that I'll put on my favorites now for sure.”

  • “Excellent pick up from my first trip to Skippy Hotbox right here in Pedro. The buds are nice small nuggets covered in frost and dark orange hairs. My budtender made sure all the small lumber was taken off and all I was left with was nice beautiful green nuggets- all top shelf smoke. The smell is almost reminiscent of some old time Skunk/Indica bud from the late 70s and early 80s with a nice punget skunkiness roun...”

  • “If you are a casual smoker, try to be carefull with the number of puffs you will take with this strain. Very Very potent and intense high. Sour smell and the high lasts forever (actually !!!) Top 3 strain for stress, pain anxiety. If you are looking to get munchies from this strain, you will eat like king kong ! Ate so much, felt like I had a black hole in my stomach. I can't smoke it too often but would never say no...”

  • “King Kong. Pain gone. Clear and calm. Creativity coming on. In all my reviews, I have only given 5-stars (4.6) a few times, This one really is five stars. Pain relief (on a very tough day!) was almost instant, and 5 minutes later I realized how high I was. My thinking was clear, I was euphoric, alert and creative, but no more energetic than usual. My one and only complaint is it did not last very long. Warning- j...”

  • “If you have small window to bowl up and you want long lasting effects look no further than skull island. The might King Kong is ready to kick Godzilla's ass again. Thank you Mr Ask Ed, no telling how many peoples lives were improved with this strain. Classic sour skunk bud, first look would think you are heading down the indica trail but it's very uplifting and while it gets you ripped it doesn't inhibit focus. This ...”

  • “This is very good. the high last strong the comedown can be a bit harsh. I will say mood going plays a big role in King Kong. If my adrenaline was up, no high but great pain relief, If your mood is relaxed so is the high, from what I have experience. Great stuff definitely worthy of any smoker.”

  • “I was told this was hard to come by (a bit more expensive) and I can see why. My first hit (glass bowl) I could immediatly feel a FULL BODY stone coming on. Unlike other reviewers, I never got the sativa pickup - I went straight to the indica feel. The most potent herb I have ever smoked (20+ yrs constant). This is couch weed - the place you want to be. Plan to stay for awhile as the effects lasted 3-4 hrs (not ...”

  • “it gives me mild anxiety, and makes me jittery. i love the taste, but it's not great for medical use.”