Kong Reviews

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  • “This is my new favorite strain. No, really. This strain feels easy on the lungs and the high is instant. A relaxing body high and all-around happiness will hit you within seconds of your first puff. You can keep smoking this and not really reach that "uncomfortable zone" many of us are familiar with, and is fairly priced for the product it is. You could drop more money on a strain like GSC and maybe get a more aggre...”

  • “All I can say is DAMN, this is one of the best strains I have ever smoked. The taste is unbelievable with such a citrusy & earthy taste, the smell is also awesome. Heavy hitter, will leave you ready to munch and hit the netflix. Whoever grew this did the damn thing.”

  • “Kong has become a new favorite of mine lately. A great indica-dominant daytime strain for a seasoned smoker. I read that it helped with anxiety, and the anxiety really has dissipated compared to how I was feeling 5 minutes ago so that's a major bonus in my book. Well rounded heady/body high..you won't be disappointed. Annd you'll also be taking in a flower that hails from the other side of the world. Very cool!”

  • “one of the strongest n best strains I've had both recreational and medical. I have an extremely high tolerance and 3 hits off a .5 preoll n my head was gone my sunburn pain was gone n I was super giggly n happy. taste was sweet with citrus n seemed to me disely spices at the end. a strong flavor, smell, and high.”

  • “now I know why its name is Kong, its potent and packs a punch. To me Kong is more of a indica which I like. I was relieved of all pain in my body, but awake enough to do homework for school. Definitely a must try if you can find it. I got mine at Nature Herbs in Colorado.”

  • “The Kong is Strong!!! One of my new favorites for evenings. Heavy hitting waves of relaxation come at you soon after smoking this. I often have to lie down as I feel couch locked. But I feel really good, its really strong and almost debilitating cognitively, even mind warping, yet you don't care because you'll be on cloud 9. It is a strain I cannot write reviews while on it, it is just too potent. This is after the f...”

  • “Kong in shatter form, very relaxing high that keeps you in a great state of mind”

  • “Delicious tasting sweet smelling strain with buds as furry as a turantulas ass. Kong got me stoned right now and i can't get up!”