Kosher Tangie Reviews

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Below Average
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  • “Kosher Tangie, my friend. Wow why doesn't this auto capitalize? Anyways, I'm high on this right now with my twinkling string lights on in my cozy little cottage/cabin home. I feel awesome. One good hit was all I needed. Damn, talk about priveleged. I am so lucky right now. I can't wait to read this when I'm sober. And show my boyfriend when he comes home 😁 So this weed tho. I feel mellow, chill, good vibes. Creativ...”

  • “I was blown away by the smell and bag appeal, but the best part about this strain is the high! The hybrid genes makes it great daytime med for nausea n pain relief. It comes on strong and last longer then most.”

  • “Put me in a hella good mood man.👍🏻 👍🏻”

  • “Stinky strain but amazing orange after taste. bright green with tons of thc and orange hairs. Solid high and not sleepy at all”

  • “Kosher Jack is a true hybrid. Citrus funk on the nose. Taste is the same but with a sweet edge. The intial phase of the high is euphoric and nerve wracking. Then a smooth transition into relaxation with heavy pain relief while the euphoria continues. **Kosher Jack is the name the clinic sold it to me under but it is listed on their leafly page as Kosher Tangie**”

  • “Amazing any one suffering from anxiety.... This one is a must .... Brothers has it all 😱”

  • “I really like this as a mid-evening high, sandwiched between my speedy work sativa and my bedtime Blueberry. Makes me happy and hungry, perfect for smoking before cooking a bomb ass dinner. 👐”

  • “once again peeps, if this strain that WON the Cannabis Cup isn't pleasantly kushy looking with Fire Orange Hairs, super duper laiden with trichomes and smell of Pine and oranges then consider the source you obtained it from. GeeshWA have 16+ years experience and this strain is literally tooo strong for most people! It shouldn't smell lemony at all, the aftertaste has a very clean aspect to it. It does resemble Koshe...”