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Kuchi Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “I love the KUCHI!”

  • “One of my alltime favorites, tasted first back a few years in the Dam and it was killer for my ADHD medical reasons.. Love this strain for its stoned from the clear and short term genetics.. Recommend to everyone who love the OG Kuch line and the good old UK dank Cheese!”

  • “Connoisseur strain especially if it has proper curing ! Nice hybrid can taste the hints of OG Kush! One of my top threes for I submitted both of this duplicate photos...Joe Canaan aka Getmo Trees.”

  • “Smoked it mit first Time and i Must say i Love it! Smells amazin OG with some kinda cheese, One of My top 5. !!! Nice To smoke with some GG#4 CrumbleWax !!! Smell 10/10 High 20/10 Relaxed 0ver9000/10 Everything gets Up 10/10 FullDayStrain”

  • “Kuchi fire from devils harvest seeds NL this is a banger u get that power kush along with smooth old school cheese great yielder 10/10 she’s a real easy plant doesn’t mind too much stress from a newb like me”

  • “"spare kuchi, spare kuchi ma'am"”

  • “kuchi, named because of its fragrance :)”