Kushage Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Were one to cal it an aphrodisiac you would not be far from the truth. With very woodsy over tones in the flavor, the delights of a sensual Rivendale may come to lite when smoked through An ice cooled water bong. I highly approve this blend as the "OFFICIAL STRAIN OF ST. VALENTINES DAY" Enjoy young Lovers of all age... Perched at with the recommendation of Leafy Green, Green Path Collective. Pretty Cool Place, lit...”

  • “True MIRACLE MEDICINE here. Top pick for my spinal issues, arthritis, nerve pain, muscle spasms and cramping yet does not lay you out on the couch. Actually love this as all day relief. Also is very happy and social with helps with the anxiety and depression that usually accompanies continuous severe pain. Two thumbs up!”

  • “I would highly recommend this weed! Everyone I know who has tried this plant has given me positive feedback and they were all right. I enjoyed it a lot and will definatly buy more in the future.”

  • “Kushage taste like some good clean kosher/true og very nice pure kush flavor's.Smell of nice clean pine earthy very nice and pungent keif content in grinder was built up real quick grinding a single bud down throw in pipe.Immediate cerebral activate's your 3rd eye from SAGE I normally stay away from SAGE but w/ OG cross I feel comfortable smoking this strain. At x's can be a little racier but pretty impressed if you ...”

  • “From what I can tell, this strain is pretty hard to find, but it's great for muscle spasm and uplifting my mood to help me get stuff done. Worth it, if you can find it!”

  • “This is a top 5 strain for me (9). The sativa effect of the sage is certainly present in this strain but the arousal facter is a creeper and was great. That arrousal is partially the kush piece of this strain This strain should be a stapple in your supply of meds. If you see it dont hesitate. Thanks SWC Tempe.”

  • “P.S. you know the way pot used to have that smell? this one does>”

  • “Definitely top shelf.”