LA Jack Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Makes you go into really deep thought. You dont want to move and makes you lazy. Sounds really get your attention. Its great for watching tv or just if your alone and bored this will get you really thinking and digging in your deepest thoughts. Smoke a hit or two and wait a minute or two and this shit will just hit you out of no where. Music is really trippy and food is a really good combo. When your high off this st...”

  • “not a bad strain ,but i will not be getting it again”

  • “This strain hits really hard on your lungs, its a bad idea to take huge hits off this because your lungs will regret it. Its definitely an indica and gives you a couch lock. This shit smells like the cereal apple jacks and tastes like it too. Its a decent strain but there are def better indicas out there”