LA Kookies Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “this is one of my favorite strains of all time because in my opinion, any cookie strain is great, from blue cookies to platinum cookies & so on, but this cookie strain goes above and beyond ! In both looks and taste. The texture is amazing, it's very sticky and dense and has the great "cookie" smell & look to it. Not to mention the fact that it had over 32% thc ! If you can, try this strain right when CHR gets a fres...”

  • “best kookies hands down.the taste the texture it's light purple frosty. makes you wanna just keep smoking and smoking if you haven't tried lakookies you haven't tried kookies my favorite from la kush. #nosealnodeal#ilovelakush#laklifestyle”

  • “great pain relief without heavy sedation. perfect for daytime use.”

  • “You honestly don't know what your missing out on! Hands down one of my favorite LAK products. She's such a beauty, big solid purple nugs beautifully frosted. Perfect to keep the day going (:”

  • “Hands down best cookie strain I've had in la! The Los Angeles Kush team is killing it out there! This here is one of my go to for my night time high! Even though it's a hybrid the dominance of the indica the strain provides is so powerful you'll full the full indica effect!🔥”