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LA Kush Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “I got a little bit of this from Walking Raven and it's fantastic. Even though it's like 85% indica, it doesn't make me tired at all, just relaxed and happy. It also doesn't make me anxious either, it's perfect. I've been able to clean, get work done etc. after smoking this, but have also been able to just sit and relax. I wish I would have gotten more. Definitely one of my all time favorites.”

  • “On my top 3 list of best budds I've ever smoked. Smooth tasty pulls that have you ready for just about anything. Kept me social”

  • “Reviewing for impact on fibro symptoms. This is a great daytime strain for me. It leaves me pretty clear-headed while knocking out most of my pain. It tends to take the edge off my fatigue too, so I see improved productivity with it. My nervous system generally likes this stuff, but it isn't quite sufficient on a really bad pain day. The only real negative is that I get occasional minor headaches from it.”

  • “Los Angeles Kush did well again with LA Kush. My eighth was beautiful to look at. One bud alone weighed 2.5 grams! The bud had two different shades, medium to darker green that looked much lighter because of all the fine clear trichomes & burnt orange pistils everywhere. Buds super dense. The taste & smell i got was that of pine. The effects made me VERY happy and then VERY relaxed. An uplifted body high. What you ex...”

  • “beautiful looking bud, high came on quick and strong, extremely good body high in my opinion”

  • “I've tried this strain several times and every time it seems to bring on anxiety and even mild panic attacks. It's during the onset of the high that can last anywhere from 5 - 30 minutes. Afterwards, I'm generally relaxed but get very much in my head. For me, I guess it's just better to take a hit or two and leave it at that. Some Sativa heavy plants tend to do this, so be forewarned when trying this if you've had si...”

  • “*puff puff* this joint is great. makes me feel really relaxed and happy. also, want to get up and do something. nice to smoke at anytime. taste amazing.”

  • “I am not a big fan of indica but i that stuff... although its a hybrid, it knockt me out for hours!!! Its even stronger than most of the Indicas!”