LA Woman Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “L.A. Woman is a cross between the super dank L.A. Confidential and Martian Mean Green from DNA Genetics. This is an excellent Indica hybrid that has a beautiful amount of trichomes and tons of orange hairs all over. Has an incredible hash-like flavor and a long lasting effect. This is a very beneficial strain in treating migraines, muscle spasms, nausea and chronic pain”

  • “I have severe foot nerve condition is similar to carpal tunnel in the wrist, but it's my feet.....excruciating pain all day, every day....the prescription drugs I was given cause sooooo many other side effects, I chose the foot pain instead. This strain, within about a minute has my body relaxed and I feel no pain whatsoever. But I can't use this med and go to work, but at home it's the perfect”

  • “Dense, crystallized lemon Pine-Sol buds with a nice uplifting sativa-ish high. Makes you want to take a hike with the dog, but bring some with you because the only downside of the strain is the longevity of the effects (60-90 min).”

  • “Very potent lemony smell. Wonderful taste..very citrusy.”

  • “She burns forever in a doob. ..super high me”

  • “A nice body high crept up on me and my girlfriend pretty hard about 15 minutes after we smoked it.We both had a good time playing ps4 and eating pizza. Probably wouldn't be the best high for going out and doing stuff, but for just hanging out its really nice. I would recommend it.”

  • “For me, this strain relieved my stress & anxiety, with no couch lock. :) yeee!”

  • “Very potent, with a very euphoric, relaxing and uplifting high. Works wonders for my depression/anxiety/insomnia. You can definitely feel the indica dominance in there (instant couch lock), however you still get a very nice head high which lasts for quite a while. Overall the LA Woman is a lovely strain, and one of my personal favorites.”