Lake of Fire Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “This is definitely a child of "Gorilla Glue #4." Very strong medicine, but different from GG. Does not take a lot to get the job done. Taste is piney/diesellie, and pretty smooth both in and out. Effects hit me behind the eyes and then down the whole body relieving pain, stress, and calms everything down enough so it can be dealt with. Too much, and you will be tied to the couch and asleep. Duration is a couple...”

  • “So happy I found this one. Very enjoyable high. Productive and motivated. Also very relaxed and comfortable. My mind is relaxed and my body too. Long lasting. Definitely a favorite. 🔥”

  • “I reviewed this strain a while back and I was impressed then and if anything I'm even more impressed. I forget that it is more indica than sativa and is a bit heavy if to much is used. Right now it's very heady and right behind my eyes. This is very strong medication that properly dosed will work all day. Great med for back or sciatic pain.”

  • “This strain is great but keep water nearby, because you will feel like you are drowning in a 'lake of fire' at some point.”

  • “Tried this as Shatter. Super earthy and pungent with myrcene and limonene jumping out at you. Very mixed effects, narcotic but nice middle ground, not to invasive or heady, also not to couch lock. This stuff was gooey as all hell though and made a mess trying to handle it even with the dab tools. Well played Gorilla Glue, haha....”

  • “Good strain when you need a hard hitter.Pleasant smoke, not too harsh like I was expecting it to be. Plan on getting laid back w/ a smile, pain sloowwwly drifting away and then zzzzzzzzzzzz, woke up from a 3 hr nap nice and refreshed.”

  • “got some of this from Greenhouse in Glendale AZ. very smooth hitting, high has a nice tall ceiling too. totally recommend you try it. it helped me with pain in my back and made me nice and relaxed”

  • “Great strain for my nausea I get in the mornings. One bong rip and all my pain magically diminishes leaving me ready to start my day off right!”