Lambo OG Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “This strain is perfect for someone who has high tolerance because of chronic pain. It actually took nearly all my pain away and still gave me the munchies which is great because I have difficulties eating due to my issues. Has become my true favorite.”

  • “Lambo OG. This is not for the faint of heart! My personal experience found a fairly intense high, especially upon first smoke of the day. I felt extremely zoned out, light, but still a pleasant high. NEWBIES: try smoking a bud your familiar with PRIOR to smoking Lambo if you are not familiar with this strain. I would definitely recommend it!”

  • “Purely a Flavor commentary :-) I have hypersensitive tastebuds & cannot tolerate many of the sweeter varieties. This is yummy with a flavor shift between inhale & exhale. Amaretto inhale to a vanilla, metallic lime exhale”

  • “On my 3rd season growing this beauty. I've so far gotten two different phenotypes of this strain. One pheno shows a more afghani kush bud form with a sativa growth structure not too strong in odor, the second pheno which is my favorite shows a more indica structure with wide leaves. The smell is incredible and very noticeable pungent lavender buds full of white trichomes, very good outdoors and very resistant to mold...”

  • “I got this in wax form from Emerald Fields, CO. I can smoke this all day without getting super sleepy. A great hybrid.”

  • “Keep this one handy for pain relief. It helps in a big way and never disappoints. You'll get quite sleepy after a while, but once the high wears off there's no trace of tiredness left. Dark colored nugs, with a more muted smell and a mild good earthy aftertaste.”

  • “This was a great typical OG strain good for sleep and great for body inflammation overall headbanger.”

  • “amazing strain”