LAPD Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Some of the best stuff I've had. thisbis a perfect sativa if you don't wanna come down any time soon. I'm going to be making brownies soon so I'll post another review of those as well, but I love this dank, strong smelling medicine. very good. not displeased one bit”

  • “Beautiful high, long lasting and creative. Great hybrid to keep an eye out for this one in 2014”

  • “Picked up an oz of this peppery wonder today. I unfortunately got the outdoor version so it's left a lot on the table. This medication is a real head high and definately sativa. I will buy again once i find it in a nice indoor version.”

  • “effect comes very late”

  • “definitely best flavor, my favorite of any strain. very good high and no fuzzyness or gaps.”

  • “one of my new favorites. great long lasting high. awesome smell. dense buds. slow to hit but when it does, get ready for a nice trip.”


  • “I got this from a local grower an brought it into a friend's house an there cousin screams from the other room that it stinks like weed , the baggie was still shut.. possibly now in my top 5 tastes amazing an is covered in trichomes”