Larry Bird Kush Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Before I try and get to the specifics on a high-level - It's kind of like every God of every religion smiled at you at the exact same moment.... The effects are wonderfully powerful yet subtle as they come on. No traces of lethargy involved I'm happy to say. While very clearheaded and aware in a pleasant sense - there is a nice persistent feeling of well-being throughout. Medicate in part to treat severe GI issue...”

  • “Go.Get.This.Strain.Now!!!!”

  • “this shit right here nigga!this shit right here nigga!man im in space taste fuckin bhomb heady as fuk im in the clouds fo real hella motha fuckin blown #1130globsquad”

  • “Great all around even buzz. From the first time, goes strait to the head and then melts into your body! Full effect strain! Nice looking trichomes! Sit back, smoke and let the ride hit you from head to toe!”

  • “I love with chronic pain.. but, only a few hits of this tasty bud, my pain started to feel better.. an hour later was when I felt the full effect.. it's a creeper.. I was pain-free.. this is by far the best bud I ever had the pleasure of smoking..”

  • “I have a terrible time sleeping Bc the headaches I have r so intense., makes it hard for me to keep up with my hose.. keep up with anything. I'm forever co planning of pain. My husks did always like"ur not complaining again.. r u??!! ".. omg. socialize., what is that?? Seems we live in our own little bubble.. don't even know how to socialize the anxiety it so intense. I smoked only 2 tokes off a nice clean...”

  • “You can really taste the sherbet in this”

  • “Very unique aroma, taste from a pipe is unreal, a little heavy to the chest, straight to the head. I am relaxed and feeling good and feeling good is good enough.”