Larry OG Reviews

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  • “Dense, mildly sticky nugs. Grinds really well. Piney sent with a hint of citrus-fuel. Vaped on Magic Flight Box, 4 pulls on one trench. Citrus on the breath on the exhale. Makes you cough, just a bit. Comes on really slow from the base of your neck around the spine to fill up the brain with goose down. Creeps in with a constant low/heavy flow, like a steady rise of ocean tide in an estuary. Then it settles into yo...”

  • “Is this crack? Started smoking to relax after eight hours on my flat feet, got relief in minutes, and sprang up from my armchair to sweep. I was watching Futurama. Do you understand how good of a cartoon that is? I swept instead — and it was fucking exhilarating. This coming from a 23-year-old outdoorsman.”

  • “It made me feel really happy but didn't kill me like indicas tend to. I was able to continue normal life, except that I was in a much better mood while doing so. Felt it throughout my body like a light radiating down my skin and removing all of my stress. Fully at peace with the world. Can help sleep if need be, but I'd recommend it for people who want to be stress-free during the day. Not as helpful with creativity ...”

  • “Uncle Larry is always loud as hell... making a scene everywhere he goes like, damn! Ridiculous all around, one of the best OG kushes that i've ever personally tried. Not very dense, very spear shaped nugs that just reek of lemon skunk ass. Effects are strong, but don't seem to last a very long time, however the taste is always worth going back to. (Unless you don't like the taste of lemons dipped in forest soil.)”

  • “There are actually 2 Larry OG's - 1 is Larry OG Kush which is actually the Indica and Larry OG which is Sativa Dominant. Sounds like you might have gotten the Sativa Dominant Hybrid. BOTH are effective, but you will have different experiences.”

  • “NOTE: My review comes from the perspective of an employee at Emblem Cannabis -, and as a legal patient with various Licensed Producers in Canada. INTRODUCING Emblem Cannabis: Yellow Submarine (aka Larry OG, aka Lemon Larry) STARRING: A hybrid dominant strain, with 16% THC and co-starring the terpene Terpineol. No CBD in this one worth noting. THE BLURB: Also known as Lemon Larry, its paren...”

  • “Larry OG is by far my favorite strain! This flower has changed my day by making me happy, relaxed & at the same time able to create! I love you Larry OG!”

  • “A very strong body high, with a surprisingly good mind high for an indica. Definitely very powerful, made food delicious and television very good. I felt myself spacing out most of the time while the effects lasted with conversations going off on very long tangents. Unfortunately it made my eyes super dry (I wear contacts so not everyone will get their eyes that dry, but this was easily the most dry my eyes have b...”