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Laughing Gas Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “when I got this I had not smoked for two days. Upon arrival at home I commenced in partaking of a seemingly interesting strain. When I first smoked I think I smoked a little too much and had a blast of mild paranoia. I had to call a friend to talk me down a little and once I was feeling OK. I wanted more. I realized that for about a month I have been very depressed very anxious and feeling rather run down and basical...”

  • “very good . did not find energetic at all i must have picked up a indica dominant”

  • “Made me feel more at peace and happy. Mine also seemed more to lean towards indica but not sleepy. Great for stress instantly. I think with a few friends it would hold up to the laughing part.”

  • “Too bad the effects aren't like laughing gas. :( Perty good strain, nothing spectacular though.”

  • “tko did well with this one. gassy. fruity. zesty. good buzz”

  • “1 toke and I’m higher than ever. Helps with my fibromyalgia, muscle pains, joint pains, anti nausea, stress released, very relaxed and mellow, helps with sleep for sure. Definitely one of the top.”