Lavender Jones Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Lavender Jones. Tread with ease. Read on (newcomers: see note about paranoia) I bought this at the advice of my budtender at Altitude Littleton. I requested something that's good for stimulating the creative juices, and he suggested this. Buds are fuzzy and dense with a nice purple hue to them. Pleasant scent of lavender, pine, with a hint of oak. It does not have a skunky or kushy smell to it, and the scent profile...”

  • “Peak: felt super relaxed and happy. Super talkative and just feeling real head high. Mids: still really head high. thought a lot. lasted quite a while than most strains. Crash: still head high but felt a good body high. legs felt numb along with my head. my head high felt like "flying." dreams were intensified and heavy sleeping.”

  • “Personally I was not crazy about this strain in the slightest. I was suggested it when I told the man running the counter that I needed something for anxiety and adhd but have it keep me focused. I smoked it when I got home and almost instantly my anxiety was heightened and caused me to experience a panic attack.”

  • “Holy God this strain is potent! Got a half O from the disp today and only smoked 2 bowls, now im having the greatest experience of my life! Smoke this tree!”

  • “Although testing at just over 18% Thc, Lavender Jones has heavy-hitting psychoactive effects as well as a manageable body high. A fair hybrid, the high will be stimulating enough to keep the mind engaged and present. The overall experience was sharply euphoric and comfortable all around.”

  • “Sticky nugs with a unique lavender and flowery smell and taste, very clean and sweet exhale with a moderately balanced high.”

  • “Amazing flowery smell very unique. Beautiful hues of purple and green. Trichome coverage is impressive. Amazing feeling behind your eyes and head and then a rush down your body soon after. Also gave my insomina relief and got me down for a good night rest. I felt great at work the next day”

  • “A friend brought 5 clones to grow at home and it turned out awesome. Super smooth, earthy and very potent. I was able to get a Mother plant started of this strain and absolutley love it. Easy to grow, big yields and a pleasure to smoke. Does well by pruning and topping early. I turned a few friends onto it and I am getting abused by requests for clones from my mother now. If you can get some, try it. You won't regre...”