Le Silver Royale Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Like walking into a new hotel room. Comforting and worry free. I'll take a vacation with Le Silver it is it L'Argent Royale...”

  • “I was pleasantly surprised. The smell is great. Its a nice herb. I probably will buy this one again. It puts you in a happy mood. The buzz last pretty long. Well worth your money.”

  • “Really like this one. Not a forehead high, more of an in the background one going down into the neck and shoulders then fading back up into the head. Taste was ok but the buzz was one of the better ones!”

  • “Possibly my new favorite strain. The smell is more towards the Green Queen side which is a good thing. I love the instant stress relief this strain gives me - it's a soaring energetic high that's also very euphoric. Great for depression. 5/5!”

  • “Updated review... This is now my Happy Weed. Sometimes life feels like shit, smoke some Happy Weed and enjoy the day. R.Celtiger”

  • “This is my overall go to strain. If I'm needing to do things during the day and still be stoned, this is the strain for me! I definitely recommend it to anyone. Everytime my local go to has it, I try to snag an 1/8th!”

  • “I had a toothache. Shortly after smoking this, I forgot I had teeth, much less a toothache. Great painkiller! It was supremely relaxing and the head high made everything hilarious. The comedown is long and gentle, leaving you loose and happy for a good 3 hours.”