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L'Eagle Eagle Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
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  • “Location: L'Eagle THC: 24.43% CBD: Unknown THC-A: Unknown Additional Notes: This reminds me a little bit of an upscale golden goat. Appearance Rating: 5.00 Appearance Description: These flowers are extremely unique in appearance. The nugget are relatively compact and are covered in Trichromes. They are a very light muted green with almost light pink hairs. The manicure job, as with anything from L'Eagle Services...”

  • “It's been 4 days and this has not been posted yet so I'll try again - We were in CO and picked up 11 strains and were nearing the ending of 11 strains in 11 days when it was L’eagle Eagles turn and WOW! What a surprise. This strain has a sativa kick that makes the world brighter. We had some work to do and this strain really focused us as we pulled weeds for an hour with euphoric vigor that lasted a while. The ...”

  • “This is my favorite strain right now. Great daytime smoke where I can remain functional if I want to, or get lost staring at a painting for ten minutes if I feel like that. 100% recommend this strain 5/5!!”

  • “What a great strain, this Skunk cross is a house strain at my favorite dispensary L'Eagle! A very strong Sativa with a great candy taste and happy go lucky buzz.”

  • “Awesome Sativa, very talkative and fun while still draining stress away. Best all around Sativa I've found in co”

  • “This strain is fantastic. Best I've smoked.”

  • “This is the perfect strain for someone like me who suffers from the fatigue and pain of hashimoto's and fibromyalgia. Most days it is hard for me to be motivated and in the mood to do anything. This strain not only eliminates almost all the pain, it also leaves me extremely motivated and energetic. I am starting to feel like myself again before I was diagnosed with my conditions. Keep up the great work L'eagle!”

  • “Great strain one of the first when I landed in Colorado.”