Lemon Diesel Reviews

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Below Average
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  • “This is a journal entry for 'Lemon Sour Diesel" couldn't find it on here and this is the closest pretty much. Wow. My new favourite strain by a long shot. Absolutely unbelievable euphoria, immediately feel brilliant and comfortable with the atmosphere and everyone around you. Couldn't push harder enough for sufferers of anxiety and depression to smoke this, just turns everything into a joke. Great intensity and felt ...”

  • “Unbelievable, this stuff truly sends you to space. Probably the best strain I've ever smoked - definitely the most euphoric. Great for pain too, and lasts for hours.”

  • “One of the best strains I've smoked to date. I've been coasting on one good rip for almost two hours now. And I smoke 2-10 bowls daily. So that's amazing. Very strong, pungent odor. Smells and tastes just as its name suggests. It's Sativa dominant, so the buzz is very cerebral and focused. Dream-like at higher doses. I feel very accepting and understanding. 'Very calm and collected. So its absolutely perfect ...”

  • “such good pot. I recommend this to anyone who has bipolar disorder and joint pain.”

  • “Im happy as fuck”

  • “Smoke enough of this and you will get very high - your body feels relaxed and and your mind... Well your mind feels clouded and almost warped, but you can still strong a sentence together pretty well.”

  • “What a refreshing high, just like taking a bite of watermelon! And wonderfully visual, too - like a perfectly clear day on the ocean :D There's an effervescence, an excitement in your gut. Your body feels perfectly relaxed and at ease, as though you're on vacation. It's like the distilled sensation of squirming and stretching in the most comfortable bed ever. Mind is definitely slowed, but thoughts come to you at ...”

  • “Lemon Diesel shouts "FORWARD!" and makes you flow forward confidently in positive directions. A little outcome-orientated at times, but you can feel confident in your power. Bursts through any mental blockages you perceive and allows things to fall into place like magic. Get out in the sun and share some love with plants or people. Have the best meal of your life about 2 hours after smoking.”