Lemon Drop Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
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  • “I additionally used this strain to unwind because I was tired of working on an extensive policy brief due the next day, so I decided to kick back and vape a little lemon drop. when I was done, all I wanted to do was work!! this could be big pharmas worst enemy when it comes to ADD!! Adderall? forget it, this is much more fun and efficient. 4/5, I feel like the high doesn't last as long as other top shelfs. tastes lik...”

  • “A very dank and dark green strain with crystals flowing everywhere. A perfect choice for someone who misses laughing and becoming happy on a marijuana strain. Be careful, anything may be funny, even the pot! A good taste, much different from the smell. Mild yet potent. I can't really find a too much mark yet. It's wonderful for pain, anxiety, and depression. What can I say more than I've never heard of this strain un...”

  • “Great day high. Very calming yet energizing. Very clear headed. Stopped paranoia caused by a different strain.”

  • “🍋..A nice little "lightweight" SillyFunnyHappy SummerTime high= Laughter Alert!! LD did a nice "#" on my Depression, Lifting me out of a Real Funk. 💚 Took care of the Anxiety in short order. Rather Short lived & Not very effective for my ChronicPain/Fatigue however.I paid $16 a gram, seemed like a $8 grm Smoke to me. I would Not buy again OR Recommend. To each Her😍own......”

  • “Very good mellow high from this strain. Great for kicking back and catching up on music through headphones or Netflix series/movies.”

  • “Since new at this it did take all the neuropathy pain and lots os swelling is gone. It has been 1 week. I truly am totally amazed...and using a vaporizer and edibles. With cooking be careful a little goes a long way. I did sauteed veggies...cooked my own pasta sauce all day on low in crockpot..so had that with noodles then half the veggues...about an hour later felt great but realized maybe to much...took a bit to...”

  • “A good high that leaves you sitting on the couch! Not the strongest stuff of the first few hits, but it defiantly creeps up on you! Be ready to BE Happy!”

  • “If you have ADHD, look no further. I have ADHD and this strain is AMAZING. I can literally take 2 hits from a joint of this stuff and stay high for about 4 hours. However, it barely affects my friends who don't have ADHD.”