Lemon Larry Lavender Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Just had to write this to say i find it halarious that the site says lemon larry lavender is not available in my area, i assure you it is, about 8 phenos right now. As well as about 80 elite cuts, lol. Everytime i read a review and it says not available, i tell the phone its wrong, lol.”

  • “Lemon Larry is one of my top five. Super good flavor for an uplifting smoke. I went back multiple times for this specific strain.”

  • “Strong aromatic smell. Blended, extended buzz. Accompanied me throughout an intense snowstorm. Trippy !”

  • “The high is up lifting for a while then slows down into a very relaxing state, great weed”

  • “love the flavor. taste just like a lemon lavender cupcake I got the day after trying the oil.. Definitely good for ADD/ADHD. Maybe too good. makes me super spaced out for conversation our human conversation. But with my adderal I can do some serious reading, projects, etc”

  • “Wow ! Do I ever love this Lemon flavoured strain a cross of Lemon Larry Kush to a Lavender. I haver rarely seen or heard of this one, but its understandable that it's produced south of the 49th parallel that it's made it a very popular strain in SOCAL. This 70% indica and 30% sativa yield a very pleasant morning strain that is slightly sedative strain is great for undoing morning leg cramps that plague me every a...”

  • “Have not used it but sounds like it might be good for chronic pain”