Lemon Marmalade Reviews

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  • “Expressive lemon, and subtle deisel flavor profile! Powerful medical values! Sensational breeding! Overall top shelf experience included space head high with my mind drifting all over the place. Pleasant pulses of serenity passed throughout my body and I was relaxed. Joint pain reduced to a background noise. Creativity ensued as I ended up delving into drawing, a perfect juxtaposition for my mind and body. I wrapp...”

  • “Lemon Marmalade is a powerful, citrus flavored hybrid. The buds are caked with sugary trichomes and have a piney kush scent when broken up. The high is uplifting yet not racy or anxious. It levels out into a calming mellow. Definitely one of the best new strains I've tried in a while.”

  • “Gd gas,,,taste gd,,nice high...202 soufside #Highlife”

  • “Provides a great high that's euphoric and enjoyable. It's Snell may throw you off but it is quite tasty.”

  • “went like gangbusters after medicating via portable vape. quickly settled into a more lethargic mode. yummy Lemon Marmalade delivers great results whether using for medicinal or recreational it rocks!”

  • “Love this strain.”

  • “One of the best. Euphoria, hightened sensuality, giggly and happy. Munchies galore though, so beware. I can feel my lungs expanding in my body and my limbs are tingly.”

  • “This is my favorite strain for everyday use. Great strain for euphoria. pain manager and appetite stimulation. Problem is I can't find it anywhere in the Lis Angeles basin. I'd drive a hundred miles for an ounce of the real Lemon Marmalade. Anyone know where to get it? Please let me know. I'll even buy an 1/8 for anyone able to assist me. Craig Craigfeds@gmail.com”