Lemon OG Kush Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Fast onset, start feeling it as soon as you exhale with full effects after less than 10 minutes. Happy, euphoric, nostalgic. Play your old favorite video game on this or watch your old favorite move; you'll be all smiles. Comedown is sleepy but not groggy. A personal favorite.”

  • “If your thoughts were were written in the sand, this Kush is the wave that flows over and removes the words. Great strain if you've got nothing to do”

  • “I'm coming to this flower from some amazing Blue Dream. Lemon OG is a very different high, but amazing in its own way. It has a very strong body buzz that suffuses one with warmth and transcendent pleasure.... great for anxiety. However, for a pure indica the head high is impressive. Makes me feel creative, and provides artistic inspiration and confidence. I vaped this with some Maui Wowie kief sprinkled on top to en...”

  • “Lemon OG is great. I has a great taste, and gives one a sativa-like cerebral high, yet has the pain reducing and insomnia reducing effects of an indica. This is the best medical marijuana I have ever tried so far. They knocked this one out of the park.I have fibromyalgia and this helps me tremendously. Two thumbs up!!”

  • “legit I have been listening to one song for 40 minutes now on repeat and honestly the sounds different every time this shit is straight fire you guys”

  • “Had a big blunt of it, went down like a smooth glass of ojay. Made me happy and chilled as hell, about to go munch a bowl of wheaty-holes (weetos) 8/10”

  • “Decent geometry with trapezoidal clusters of yellow-green nuggets & foliage, generally coated with a pale orange/yellow dust. The occasional tricomb like a missed hair while shaving reminds me of my puberty. Noice. A cow-shit kind of smell. Lightly sweet on top, musty undertones. Not exactly my favorite, but more intriguing because of its uniqueness. I keep sniffing it and pushing the bag away again. Grinds ea...”

  • “Lemonhead taste, ya know, lemony but with a little chemical taste in the background. Decent bud with a decent THC 22%. Does its job but prefer Allen Wrench in this category.”