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Lemon Walker OG Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “🍋🦍 Lemon Walker O.G. is some serious fire. Extremely a skunk; eating an orange, resting in a field of lemon peels. The high is very uplifting and relaxing, without being to sedative. Surprisingly, it doesn't taste anything like it smells. It tastes more like O.G. than anything. The mood lift is quite noticeable, giddy at times with an overall positive sense of well being. Highly recommended. Myrcene...”

  • “Where am I? Lol This tastes like a lemon filled pastry. Seriously. Smooth tasty smoke and immediate effects after exhale. I've been rather depressed lately and this made me laugh for hours. Lasts a few hours and I ordered more immediately after the first delivery was tried.”

  • “Now this stuff...this stuff is the writer's strain. It combines a pleasant, subtle body high with potent thoughts that hit with speed and focus. You can easily stay on task, even as all the other possibilities are arrayed in front of you, there for you to pluck from as you choose. And when you tell yourself the story, whatever that story is, you do it with eloquence, depth, and grace. Smoke some, sit down, put pen to...”

  • “This batch was by : Polaris Testing info ; THCA : 27.8 % CBD : 0.04 %. CBGA : 0.57 % B- Myrcene : 4.9 mg/ g Limonene : 1.7 mg/g Humulene: 1.0 mg/g I really like everything about Polaris . Their packaging, the buds are never TOO DRY . They do a good job trimming . This is a great hybrid , great for social situations, or great for a solo sesh . One of my new favorites !! 🍋🍋🍋🍋🍋...”

  • “Good and happy high not to heavy really nice for a game session or a movie had me stuck on Battlefield . Smell sweet and sour taste wonderful rate , 8/10”

  • “Lemon Walker gives me a clean, happy, relaxed high with no downsides. It causes neither jitteryness nor sedation, nor does it put me to sleep. The smoke is mild flavored and not irritating. It's exactly what I want, and it's as good as I've tried.”

  • “Seriously my favorite strain now! The taste lemon and immediate effects on exhale. No matter what activities you have for the day this strain is perfect to start the day with!”

  • “What a wonderful find...smells of lemon but tastes very earthy. Intense and uplifting high... but can be overpowering if you are not used to it.”