Lemonhead OG Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Holy guacamole this is some great bud. Some of the most beautiful I've ever seen. High thc% ...did I mention freaking gorgeous?! Smells veryyyy lemony. Ok on to the smoke...smooth and tasty, 2 puffs and my stresses melt away. Highly recommend. I got mine at Herbal Wellness Center.”

  • “Dank, had 2 different batches from 2 growers out here in AZ and both are bomb! But a little more indica than it leads you to believe but still a good wake and bake:)”

  • “Beautiful soft light green nuggets that give off a sweet aroma. Lemon tasted aroma when vaped. Indica but the sativa effects are still felt as it's a clear mental state. Must try strain if you like hybrids!”

  • “Very nice flower with an awesome head and body high. I can still function very well while using this strain. I don't couch lock and it doesn't wipe me out like some other indica hybrids. Works well with pain and melts any anxiety away. Definitely one of my favorites.”

  • “absolutely the best high”

  • “Lemonhead OG was a nice strain, wonderful tastes, smells and effects make this a favorite for me. The smell is a very lemon peel like smell, with sweet floral accents to follow, tingling the nose and sinuses with its pungent fragrance. The tasted matched the smell (as expected) and amplified with a candy lemon taste reminiscent of the namesake candies. The effects were enlightenling, a nice euphoric feeling with a re...”

  • “It doesn't take much, as I space my intake apart. Good body and light head buzz. Calms anxiety for me as well as relieves large joint pain, yet keeps you clear headed enough be productive.”

  • “Went to the drive-in to watch the new Planet of the Apes movie. I legit don't remember a single thing but had a great time laughing so much. Would do it all over again. I will say my tolerance is really low and that a whole gram was maybe too much to fully function, but the people I hung out with are heavy smokers and also loved it. Your experience may vary from mine.”