Liberty Haze Reviews

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  • “I've purchased Liberty Haze by Vashon Velvet and it is extremely potent, with a THC content of 26.71%! This is one of the most enjoyable lime-aid flavors which I can remember, never ashy and reminiscent of Peppermint Cookies. Very dense medium sized buds, glistening in Trichomes and an immediate and long-lasting alertness that sparks creative euphoria. An expensive flower, but every aspect enjoyable and would highly ...”

  • “If you love sativas, this strain is defenetly for you. it´s great to uplift your weekend with your buddies, doing BBQs, Parties, do trekking,´s great to do stuff because you get very focused, it gives you lots of energy (dont smoke it if you intend to sleep after it) you all of the sudden get very creative and funny, yeap it´s a very giggling strain...LOL....though at first some people get a little paranoid...”

  • “My newest personal favorite. This tasty strain lays you down softly, looks you deep in the eyes and whispers "let's get it on". You know your not this strains first, but you don't mind. Liberty Haze is the high school quarterback that you enjoy while you can. You know that in the morning Liberty Haze will be gone. You will wonder if it was all a dream but you'll hold on to the memories like a fleeting, steamy cloud o...”

  • hi2

    “So nice. I've started the day with this strain and it's very pleasant. The corners of your mouth automatically go up. This would be a good strain for your friends who have very little experience with weed. You just get an immediate rush of happiness (zero paranoia or weirdness) and who doesn't like that!? Erases anxiety. You feel like you're just on the verge of laughing out loud, even at things that might not be ...”

  • “In my top 5 favorite list. Love this strain on so many levels. Hit is smooth and taste is awesome. Hints of smokey citrus with a unique finish that I can't quite pin down but like, a lot! Effects are immediate and duration is a solid 2 hours or more. Pain relief is excellent and effects are euphoric and just happy, happy, happy. Consistent and never disappoints. Solid 9!”

  • “A earth sweet flavour with a sweet lemony flovour! a intense cerebral head high which comes on very strong m, wouldn't recommend if you an suffer from anxiety or paranioa! super crystaly with a lime green colour, a strain more for sativa lovers”

  • “my favorite strain to treat my anxiety/depression/bipolar disorder. I also suffer from attention deficit disorder.”

  • “The ultimate "anytime of the day or evening" Hybrid. I use this for morning medication, anti-anxiety/anti-depressant at work and definitely for a pre-workout(especially on high cardio days) Smoke a bowl or take a dab of liberty and hop on the treadmill! I zoned out w/ music & realized 90 minutes had gone buy before I was tired at all! But I can go right to sleep with it, if need be because of the higher CBD content i...”