Lifesaver Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Recently tried this strain for my first and it's perfect for me. I suffer from a mental illness known as Borderline Personality Disorder and it caused me to hospitalized over 20 times and I was on up 7 medications at once that did not help then finally by spending two years gaining knowledge from a great professional crew they saved my life. I'm 2 years now with no hospital visits, no major issues, and I have smoked ...”

  • “This strain gives a happy, beautiful high. Very appropriatly named, definetly a Lifesaver! Also, smells similar to Lifesavers... break open a bud and grape Lifesaver becomes dominant. One of my top 3 strains for sure!!”

  • “I have been growing "BOG" strains for many years. All strains are great for pain in one way or another. 'Lifesaver' is by far the very BEST strain for all over body pain! Especially Fibromyalgia, Cancer pains, Depression, Bi-polar, and exceptional at lessening or completely getting rid of migraines. As a Cannabis care giver, I find this strain the best for over-all aches and pains.”

  • “Very relaxing, euphoric high. I smoke to deal with chronic back pain, insomnia and depression, and this strain is one of the best I have found to combat all three. It tastes sweet, with earthy and berry undertones”

  • “I give it 4 stars I would give a foreign a half if there was a four and a half but the only reason why I don't give it 5 stars is for the extream dry throat and dry mouth”

  • “iv been growing this strain for quite sum time.amazing fruity flavor strong great for pain relief”

  • “I bought this strain for the first time recently. I vaped it and man, this is a tasty one. Sweet, pungent. Effects were really nice - uplifting, euphoric, no negatives for me. This will definitely become part of my regular rotation!”

  • “Great strain for daytime doesn't make you tired but still feeling good and like you had more energy then you usually would, tastes sweet like a berry Great overall smoke”