Lime Green Skunk Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Really happy and and feel-y high.. watery eyes (probably because of the smiling).. I got some really dense nugs.”

  • “Lime Green Skunk ain't no punk; comes in with an energetic rush, then mellows you out with a relaxed feeling. I've said it before, I like to be active when I medicate and this strain is like a pre-workout drink. it's perfect for a nice 30 minute HIIT routine, then a decompressing stretch session.”

  • “Smoked this at around noon, got like 40 minutes worth of chores done in 10 minutes...Very energetic high for about the first 35 minutes, then you're hit with a strong, serene relaxtion, which is the Northern Lights part of the strain. This an excellent hybrid, would recommend.”

  • “I actually love this strain....waiting on it to get restocked at my dispensary. I have home hobbies that I need to be able to do even when smoking, and this allows me to focus. Anything that helps with ADD while getting me lifted is gold. This one is better than most for me.”

  • “Have enjoyed this strian very much. A very great energetic high, that really seems to mute grey down feelings both mentally and physically, and bring out higher, more talkitive sides. Very great for every aspect of enjoyment”

  • “beautiful dense nugs... the kind you want to just sit on the couch watching a movie with a pile of them in front of you to smell and see... smoke seems stoney and uplifting, good and strong too... def feel the super skunk and northern lights both of which are great famous strains :) would buy again when i see it for sure it's a top strain !!”

  • “Awesome... Great for relaxation! #CHILLAXING BLESS”

  • “great citrusy taste, very chill but cerebral high.”