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Liquid Gold CBD Vape Oil

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Liquid Gold CBD Vape Oil is a CO2 extracted concentrate made for your G FarmaLabs vaporizer pen. By isolating therapeutic compounds and removing unwanted ones, this oil delivers a relaxing breath of cannabis in its purest form. Patients will appreciate this oil’s high level of CBD, a cannabinoid that helps with pain, anxiety, and a variety of other symptoms.

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“This stuff is awesome. Got a bottle of it recently and it's so easy to use and put into a ecig. Or put it in your tea or coffee. It is very easy to get carried away with.”

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“Very mellow, very relaxed and calm. A little nausea (I assume thc, not cbd, is primarily responsible for MJ curing my nausea) but nothing overwhelming. To be precise I smoked a 24% CBD concentrated wax with no THC present/active. I could only handle a bit, nausea-wise, before I started to add it into white widow keif and that made for a super awesome smoke, that has left me super high. So, super yay!”

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