Locktite Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “This is a pretty strong bud, good upbeat and sense of well being. Found it to be good anytime day or night, helps with pain and a lack of appetite while still providing a social, cerebral buzz. Can def make you want to lay down after a while, other than that it isnt a lazy bud at all. Good medicine all around, cant find much to complain about. Solid A”

  • “I tried a bit of this one night and I have to say I've never laughed so hard on YouTube in my life. Cow Chop made me lose my shit on this strain. However it did make me very anxious when I went outside so I recommend staying in your own home.”

  • “While the genetics of this strain includes Gorilla Glue #4 it seems to have a bit more of a sativa-ish effect versus the heavy indica effect I've always gotten from Gorilla Glue #4. It's a more clear headed, energetic buzz than GG#4 but it has a very upbeat buzz to it. If you're looking to enjoy your activity this would be a good choice imo. If you're looking to really sit down and feel your buzz though maybe stick w...”

  • “Locktite is surprising; sometimes it hits hard, sometimes it’s a smoother ride. A dense, brown bud, when it’s on it's on. Smoking Locktite seems to provide a much more heady experience than vaping, which is decidedly mellower. When smoked, Locktite has been known to provide an equally stoned and upbeat experience- sometimes producing pleasant bouts of euphoria after extended periods of lethargy. Some strains are just...”

  • “Nice nighttime high for me. It might make some more sensitive to getting jacked up on sativa strains a little restless for a nighttime smoke. One word relaxed!”

  • “Great daytime strain. Not lethargic at all and has a very pleasant cerebral buzz. Great citrus and diesel taste throughout. Highly recommended 👀”

  • “Feel meh about it... sativa leaning boring hybrid.”

  • “I tried Locktite recently. I brewed it up in tea with honey and coconut oil. Within an hour my pain level went from a 6 to a 1. After an hour noticed a head buzz, too, and within 4 hours was ready for bed. Slept 7 hours straight instead of my usual 6 hours. Definitely, I will use this one for a good night sleep, but as for day time use - nada.”