Lodi Dodi Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
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  • “I picked up an 8th of Lodi Dodi outside Crater Lake NP. Having never heard of this strain my bud tender informed me it was from Washington and that's about all the shop knew. The scent of flowers, and citrus is really what drew me in. This is a very sativa dominant strain. The effects remind me of Sour D. It's a very energetic, uplifting high. It'd be easy to get lost surfing the web while using this strain. A...”

  • “for a daytime strain this is quite something! Under the microscope it's pretty frosted, my batch tests at 21% thc. Flower structure is a soft broccoli not very dense but not puff bud, think in between. As for the flavor it has a bit of a fuel hit to it on the finish but the high for me is a slow euphoric rush to the head. I will admit its a strain where you need to take a minute after a proper bong rip, but it sett...”

  • “holy hell this is fun”

  • “All the crystals make it look like a jewel! Pretty! Sweet smell. Lots of happy in this one! : )”

  • “This is a very relaxing strain. I'm feeling more indica effects. Experiencing a little couch lock but I think I could get up if I had to.”

  • “The buds in my jar were pretty much perfect. Loved the very flowery smell, and I got a really strong Rose flavor in the smoke. It was almost off putting at first, but it grew on me quickly. The high hits fast and hard, and is perfect doing any thing constructive.”

  • “The taste is incredible. very pleasing to the eye and to the mouth. :)”

  • “A great day time smoke. Real light (Didn't cough), flavorful. A clear headed experience that was euphoric and enjoyable.”