Longbottom Leaf Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Are you looking to get shire-smacked in the face with a peppy, yet tranquil bud? If so, look no further than this strain. With colorful, fluffy nugs and beautiful aroma, this shit really is "The Precious". Smokes great and the flavor is stellar. The high gives you a relaxed "stroking your Gandalf beard in the Shire" feel, while also giving you the energy to fight 10,000 orcs in the depths of Helm's Deep. Get yourself...”

  • “The Smell: Straight off the bat hits me in the face with extreme pine with eucalyptus/citrus odor that brightens my out look *putting a genuine smile on my face*. The Bud: From the way it looks birds eye view at the top unusual formation with dark basil colors super curved to look folded in half, the sparkling white trichs slang for THC for short are supporting the fold leaf. I have many options to take a picture, bu...”

  • “Such a smooth smoke. Instant head high, very meoow on the lungs, but very potent for pain. Such a smoke. I picked some up at The Verdes Foundation in Abq NM. What amazing pre rolls of this. Im looking forward to the next time they have this in.”

  • “I now truly understand the beauty of middle earth after smoking this earth blended gift from the fairies. I no longer fear the nameless enemy.”