Loud Dream Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “nothing special. no big kick. actually took more hits than normal”

  • “This is one of the best strain i ever try😱 you feel so quiet and happy at the same time, you feel what to do things like cook, dance you feel like u want investigate something lol, the flavor is like tropical fruits, like orange, watermelon lol, 5 star to this strain!!!”

  • “this is some good stuff , iv had better but this strain is well get you the munches big time”

  • “This strain is perfect on a lonely night, it gives you that uplifting high.”

  • “Quick burn and earthy flavor had me worried at first, but effects were top notch. Pleased to see it so highly rated in positive effects and low on negatives. If the flavor was as sweet as the bouquet, this could be my favorite, but certainly in top 10 as it stands.”

  • “This Strain is just like its name! Its loud asf and it feels like your in a dream. Makes you very happy very focused also had a strong tingly feeling and makes you focus.This is a hood strain for HDHD because it makes you focus and good for depression because it makes you happy (i have neither of which)”

  • “I won't lie to u did had me frost but I didn't yield that much which was my fault so don't let me stop u from growing it”

  • “I just smoked a gram of this and I'm stuck, quiet, not hungry, tired, very relaxed, no dry mouth, something you smoke by yourself.”