Loud Scout Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Such an amazing stain the taste is sweet and fruity so aeromatic a top strain by far shout out Mesa organics Colorado”

  • “A hybrid that is great any time of day. This is a potent strain giving a euphoric effect almost instantly. Soft, sticky, sweet smelling and smooth burning this strain is a real treat.”

  • “Loved this one to decompress for the evening. Anxiety and pain melted away into an instant euphoria, followed shortly by a more calm and relaxed mind and body. I was still able to maintain a clear head and enjoy a little TV followed by a brief nap (with very interesting dreams). All in all, I think this is a versatile and tasty strain!”

  • “This strain provides the best cerebral experience of any of the oils I have tried. After 30 minute or so, it settles into a nice calm and relaxing body felling.”

  • “I've always wanted to try Girl Scout Cookies, but its hard to find this strain sometimes. When I ran across Loud Scout at Rocky Road Remedies in Colorado, I had to give it a try since your mixing GSC with Platinum OG, I figured it would be pretty strong , but it wasn't. The taste is nice and sweet and after a couple of minutes, you go into a nice euphoric head high and your body just relaxed without any couch lock....”

  • “Great smell, great taste. Nice body and head high.”

  • “This is in the form of Hash Oil: One of the very few oils that delivers as strong a cerebral feeling as does leaf. A good head rush like a Diesel but no anxiety or paranoia followed by a lengthy body calmness. Great for posting on the internet and listening to music. A bit of munchies but not too bad ... just stay busy and occupied.”

  • “Not my favorite strain at all! It has a pleasant grape taste, but very harsh on my throat. What I have tested at 18%, but it doesn't have the punch I'm looking for. This one is a PASS for me next time around.”