Lowryder Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Good, energetic high. A nice smoke for the afternoon if you want to relax but stay alert (perfect for after office work). Good for vaping, nice smell and taste with citrics tones across vaping, starting with a peach-like flavor when vaping a freshly ground bowl (TASTY AF). Have not smoked it yet - will update this review over the weekend. Munchies? average.”

  • “Anxiety slasher that is the best 50/50 (S/I) split in my experience so far. Absolutely great for a daytime med., to treat anxiety, depression and PTSD. Never a dissapointement.”

  • “I'm a very heavy hitter (been smoking for 5 years almost every day) and jsut 2 hits got me buzzed and 4 hits got me very stoned. This is honestly one of the the best strains I've ever had. It has a smooth and tasty smoke to it also. I'm definetely growing more of this. I recommend to everyone!”

  • “Haven't choked & poked this gal yet, but from trimming her, my fingers smell like strong Christmas tree smell + fruity custards (buttermilk pie?)...must be de dank Lowryder #2 by the way”

  • “personally I loved this strain. easy to grow, easy to smoke 👍”

  • “Drunk buzz(5-10shots eqv). Hungry, hands fight with me making them harder to operate. Face muscles relax. Might feel like smiling or laughing for no reason. However i thought the smell of the vaporized cannabis was not pleasant, never smelled anything like it, but perhaps skunky or smoked skunk? not very pleasant, so i tended to not breathe with my nose, so i wouldn't have to smell it. Thats why only 3 stars. 20-40 ...”

  • “Perfect daytime strain... Left me feeling nice and relaxed without being confined to the couch.”

  • “Strong and potent weed. Starts off slowly but kicks in with speed of light and you're blazed! Hunger may occur.”