Luca Brasi x Sour Diesel Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “I enjoy this strain. It doesn't make me pass out throughout the day, a clear high, pain-relief. I feel great.”

  • “This is a nice, mellow, productive high. Relieves my anxiety and good for meditation. I'm sensitive, and it didn't make me feel too high. Present, focused, relaxed.”

  • “LivWell was selling this strain to Veterans last Memorial Day (all week actually) for a penny an ounce. I use CBD for spinal injury and PTSD, so this strain does the trick. Everyone does it their own way, but for me this strain is a little too harsh and the THC is too low, so what I do is just throw some of this in the grinder with my high THC flower of choice, or cover a bowl of this with some concentrates. I also ...”

  • “This is my go to strain for help with depression! It helps me feel happier and motivated, and also does wonders for my back pain. This one has a permanent spot in my medicine cabinet.”

  • “a down to earth, relaxing hi, that does not make you feel like you have to fall asleep or sit down and be lazy. I can still get the whole place cleaned up and enjoy the buzz at the same time”

  • “I like this strain in smaller amounts smoking or great for cooking. It does get me up and going like a good cup of coffee but I noticed that with the pain relief there can be some anxiety if I am not careful about the amount I consume. I only use this strain in the morning or if I need to do something creative or that requires energy and focus. I recommend this strain for my PTSD veteran brothers and sisters as a ...”

  • “This is my go-to dab in lazy days off. The 30% CBD give a relaxing body high that helps with pain, and the sativa dominance is great for relieving depression and giving a nice kick of energy. This is definitely one of my favorite strains!”

  • “I remember liked this strain, but honestly the combination of the 2 strains is less than spectacular. The high is alright, but if you have a high tolerance, then this is not the right combo for you. I vaped this as a concentrated wax and it got me dupe stoned, but nothing really grabbed me during the high.”