Lucid Dream Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “really good looking resinous buds, very thick trichomes and terrific smell. The taste sides with the smell for the sweet smooth flavor as well which just makes it even better. This stuff killed me a bowl in and put me into a 4 hour nap, plus lucid dreams, and a super dreamy and crazy buzz. I will be buying this strain again as soon as possible”

  • “My friends have started to jokingly refer to this strain as "Crybaby Weed" because just about every time I have it I start to tear up and get emotional. Some context: I'm a 30 yr old dude who is highly analytical and lives mainly in his head. Lucid Dream, for whatever reason, helps me live in my heart and feel all of the things that are typically stuffed down during my waking life. I gotta say, getting in touch with ...”

  • “Also known as Supreme dream. This one makes you successfully complete school projects and other misc.”

  • “This review is based off the Lucid Dream from Tru|med in Phoenix which had perfect textbook nugs. This sativa dominate hybrid is a unique strain. It has a combination of the uplifting blue dream high but is overpowered by the racy haze genetics. a definite daytime strain for creative projects but would not recommend for morning use as it is a bit too frenetic to focus on singular tasks. This strain has aphrodisiac ef...”

  • “This is truly a sativa. One of the first strains I've had to actually be uplifting and not drowsy. It is the most purple bud you'll ever see but can be a little stem-y, but just pick around those. It is very potent and the % is not exactly because different batches can vary. If you have the chance to try this do it! It makes you feel kind of dream-like but everything is so vibrant and definitely gives a "heady" high....”

  • “Amazing taste look with a wonderful uplifting high. Would highly recommend!”

  • “First off, the name sounded fantastic. ;Who the fuck isn't blown away from a "lucid-dream"? The full body of purple, accompanied by the orange hairs makes for a beautiful flower. A perfect high for starting off the day. A recommended smoke.”

  • “Amber-colored shatter. Good daytime smoke.”