Lucy Reviews

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Below Average
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  • “Awesome full body effect. It really helps with spasms and pain. It can make you a little sleepy.(if that's a problem mix in a little green crack and your good to go.) The problem with this strain is consistency between batches. If you get a good batch, it is amazeballs. A bad batch and it's not much more than ditch weed. Look for higher THC ratings for better batches or buy a gram(THC testing isn't always representa...”

  • “Introduced to me as a CO exclusive, I found myself saying I love Lucy just like the TV show. After many occasions with her she is one of my favorite anytime strains. Many people are misled by her being a CBD. That's the tricky thing with her she packs just as much of a punch as any good indica dominate hybrid. The lineage that she comes from couldn't come from better parents. I often recommend her to people looking t...”

  • “Lucy have one tried 1 x but was very enjoyable gram that I picked up.I guess this was the first CBD strain I tried and was hooked like Pookie from New Jack City. Love the feeling of CBD rich strain help's ease the mind and put the part's back together again. I'm a huge fan of La confidential so helped me ease into this strain.”

  • “This is great! Such a nice wonderful strain that helps with calming soothing effects. AWESOME for light weights, smoke and enjoy while falling asleep with a peaceful mind set and body high”

  • “Ya want to sleep? Well the batch I got did just that, that's what I got it for and man did it ever work. It's just hard to find. I loved it.”

  • “Its a mellow smoke! Pine smell light buds breaks down great! impact is great”

  • “Lucy I'm home ! Love Lucy packs more of a punch like Sugar Ray Robinson! You can feel the Confidential shines thru just better w high cbd.Great feeling Immediate pain relief/anxiety relief had a great time getting out of house w/ this strain or being more social instead of isolating myself.5mg CBD Tinture in morning as well. Taste and smell of confidential huge fan”

  • “I picked up a gram of this strain in a joint, and it instantly became one of my favorites, smokes fairly smooth, made me feel relaxed, stress free, just a tad tired, felt it relieve the pain in my neck and lower back, I barely felt a head high, I would recommend this strain to anyone just starting out smoking or looking for a nice relaxed feeling without being hazey.”