LVPK Reviews

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  • “Smoke Report Intrto- LVPK is the best overall strain I have smoked to date, for one major reason. I am a daily smoker and one of the most important qualities for a strain to have is potency over time and quantity. I gain a high tolerance to the majority of strains I smoke after about a quarter ounce, so any strain I can smoke an ounce of and it still gets me baked really stands out. I have smoked lvpk now for the ...”

  • “Yummy yum yum yum. If you are lucky enough to come across this strain, I promise you will be very happy. Perfect indica/sativa blend. Potent full body high that eases into a long lasting euphoric sativa experience. Absolutely wonderful.”

  • “LVPK has it all going on, if you want the classic kush knock you on your ass and send you looking for your pillow or you want to hit the ground running to today's fresh new adventure. Not for the lightweight or the careless but most smokers will love it. Its the kind of weed that makes the whole routine better , the look, the smell, the feel as your are breaking it up and that first blast from the bong. The batch I g...”

  • “If you ever get some the real LVPK you will be w fan”

  • “Lots of orange hairs is accompanied by light green and yellow buds with a myriad of cream colored crystals. Excellent smell. A mixture of fruity, sour, and piny scents. Overall reminiscent of a very intense sour smelling candy. Nice Taste intense mixture of head and body high. Eyelids become heavy and cognitive skills slow. An excellent sedative, analgesic effect.”

  • “I think this strain is the 💣 💣 💣. It gave me a laid back kind of feeling, first the body effect kicked in, shortly thereafter, the cerebral effect grabbed the rein. The high lasted for about 3-4 hours. Great choice for me...”

  • “Tied for first place all time favorite (ATF). There is nothing bad about this strain. Sativa like euphoria that settles into a full body stone. This is top shelf.”

  • “Tases as good as it looks. Energetic heady high at first then settles into a full body stone. Amazing... under an LED light it looks covered with sugar.”