Mad Dawg Reviews

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  • “has a very sweet piney smell....good smoke recommend you smoke out of a bowl can be smoked out of paper but gets really sticky and residue starts to build up clogging the mouth piece....the smoke taste is quiet smooth but has a slightly strong sharpness to the hit...AMAZING smoke texture and mildly minty taste for the price overall highly recommended for those who are low on cash yet not compensate for quality. When ...”

  • hi2

    “Interesting strain. I had to vape quite a bit for it to kick in, but once it did......whoa.......mostly stony. Relaxing and makes your face feel weird! Watched Ancient Aliens and it seemed more fascinating and scarier than usual.”

  • “This stuff kicks ass! I had my davinchi dry vaporizer and I loaded it up with this stuff. I kept hitting and hitting at least 12 times I inhaled this. When it hit it was the most euphoric I've ever felt. This stuff is seriously potent and it's definetly worth the asking price. The only problem I encountered was having a serious case of dry mouth and my friends can account for that too. In like an hour and a hal...”

  • “Great cerebral buzz that makes you zone out on the beauties of the earth.”

  • “shit was good real fruity like mangos. put in a bling with some hash all buddered up on and ooooooooooohhhhhhhhhh doggedly you got yourself a good time”

  • “Great strain. Looks nice and isn't too loud. Smoke is smooth and the taste is very pine and earthy. Good high. Definitely felt pretty tired after about an hour. Didn't even need the whole bowl.”

  • “One of the best strains i have ever smoked. Good shit i smoked over the thanksgiving holiday and ate good. I smoked like 5 blunts and was on cloud 9.”

  • “Rejuvenating and energizing. Slight headache afterwards but definitely a happy high”