Madman OG Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “I GOT A VOLCANO BITCHES!!!! AND MADMAN IS GOOOOOD!! Really though, Madman is a miracle for my body/back pain, and I immediately "sigh" that stress out. You sigh deep & that feeling relaxed your stomach on exhale. Medicating with it out of a volcano just now (I GOT A VOLCANO BITCHES!!!) was just extra amazing. I highly recommend it, worth every penny so you can really taste the terpenes & never have to feel a burn i...”

  • “Relaxed me and helped me sleep.”

  • “Another great Indica for getting much needed sleep/relaxation. Madman OG has a deep green hue and sour/piney scent. After a few weeks hiatus, I decided to give some new strains a try, and Madman came highly recommended. Madman's smoke is rich and my experiences conclude that the high is slow to take hold, but it's potent and it lasts. Perfect night-time sleep aid or post-workout recovery strain.”

  • “this strain definately creates a mellowman. Has that oG funk smell, smooth but hits to the chest. The strain i have taste like coffee, went back to check the flavors and sure enough there it was! Was debating glad i hadnt.”

  • “This new strain has made me find of another,Larry og. this strain amplifies a lot of its parent strain genetics. Phenotypes of the parents are greatly imbued in this delicious strain. users will feel drawn to sleep as well as much relaxed and chill after a nice toke”

  • “Bomb starin. Wonderful anytime.”

  • “This is the strain I first found when I became legal. It is a very uplifting and euphoric high, if you do not over consume. If you smoke too much it will leave you deadlocked and on the couch ( I wonder why I know this). It is a strain, I intend to always have on hand, even though I have new favorites now, it will always be a top 10 herb for me. The taste is Earthy OGish as is the smell, but not anything special....”

  • “LA Conf. & OG Kush Cross .... ? Isnt The Cataract Kush the same cross ???? I've been smoking on Cataract for the past year & i love it !”