Magnum Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “My eyes are spinning 😱 just woww really good strain and really slow burning top 👌 only the troath hurted while i was smoking😵 but basicly a reallllyyyy gooodddd jahhh”

  • “Very potent sativa effects, very energetic high, not ideal for chilling with a film as I find it hard to stay sat down I just want to be more active. Definitely a fun weed for the daytime with friends but on my own I would pick another strain that makes me a little less hyper. I would describe this as a 'party' strain!”

  • “Magnum is one of my favorite autoflowering strains. I agree with the time to harvest, 77+ days. Such a nice spice and citrus taste and an elevating buzz. Using 50/50 compost and vermiculite and garden store nutes I have been getting about 100g/plant - pretty new at this. Believe the potency reports! Just got results back from Steep Hill on a representative sample of my last Magnum grow. 24.33% as THC-A, that c...”

  • “Awesome strain, potent, best to smoke with friends, it guarantees lots of laugh. During grow it's resilient and a produces a great amount of flowers”

  • “Different high got the high I'm used to. Makes you energetic but also can make you mong out. Would recommend this strain. Only smoked it in a J”

  • “Nice strain, nice high and has long effect.”

  • “Tis true about the auto flowering. I feel mentally energetic yet sedated into my car seat... I got 2/15$ that's a deal so fuck yea Magnum”

  • “Strong, enercetic, happy and creative. I love this strain!”